Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We took are camera with us Sunday and was able to get some cute pictures of the kids. We had lunch at the Langendorfs and the kids had fun playing. Gabe especially liked the step stool. We could not keep him off of it. He also like being pushed around on the horse.
Also this last weekend Gabe has been take 5 or 6 steps here and there. I think in the next couple of weeks he should be walking pretty good. I will try and get a few pictures of him up and about. Anna is soon going to be in trouble when Gabe is able to run after her. She is such a stinker to him.

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Bay Family said...

I figured it was only fair that I make another comment on the site. Gabe has changed a ton since the last time I saw him. I enjoy looking at the pictures. I cannot believe Anna is two! It seems like yesterday Gregory and I came to visit you in the hospital. Days go by too fast. . . except when it comes to my student teaching! Yuck. Anyway, as soon as I am finished and get a free moment I will let you know when I can get together for some coffee at the Grasshopper or just come over to the house to chat.