Monday, March 24, 2008

New Sewing Area....

In one of the rooms in the basement we have a nice work bench, which goes a long one wall. Well for so long it has been cluttered with so much stuff that we have never been able to use it the way we should. So after buying some new shelving units we now have enough space to stack stuff without having to stack it on the work bench.

I then gave the work bench a nice new coat of paint and one end of the work bench is lower so I am able to use it as a sewing table or scrapbooking nook. I am hoping now I will be able to work on a few projects that I would like to do like make some throw pillow covers, make Anna a few summer dresses and start Gabriel's scrapbook and hopefully be able to check up, so Noah's scrapbook is done by the time he is one. I know it wishful thinking.

I still have some organizing to do and containers to put away, but soon it will be nice and organized.

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