Saturday, May 03, 2008

Anna's First Bike.......
Brandon and I had been thinking that we needed to get some kind of bike for Anna to ride this summer, but we weren't sure were we'd find it. I was hoping that I'd come across one at a garage sale. Well, we took some stuff to Goodwill earlier this week and as Brandon was unloading the trunk I noticed on the bike rack in front of Goodwill that they had this little blue bike with training wheels. How perfect:) So we snatched it up right away and Anna was all excited. We also picked up a larger girls' bike that she'll be able to ride in a few years. We paid a total of $20 for the two of them. Here are some pictures of Anna's first bicycle ride. She had trouble at first figuring out that she needed to keep the pedaling going the same direction. She'd be pedaling along and suddenly pedal the opposite direction and cause the back tire to skid. She's learning quickly, though.

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