Sunday, June 22, 2008

Noah at 5 months.......

I really love my Prince Lionheart Bebe Pod baby chair. It is probably one of the best baby items I have. It can be used as soon as your infant is able to hold his head up. I put it on the bathroom counter and Noah can watch his brother and sister take a bath. I also sit it on the kitchen counter, so Noah can watch me cook or clean up dishes. You can set it anywhere and give your little one a toy to play with or just talk to him. Some babies are just happier sitting up then laying on there back or belly. Noah is pretty content anywhere, but he still loves his chair. I can set it on the dining room table while we eat and he can see everyone. It will also work really well when he starts to eat. We have a small dining room, so a high chair is out of the question. Thanks Aunt Jen for this wonderful chair:)

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