Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A week went by????
Oh how time flies by so quickly. The kids are all better, which has been good. I also canned my first 8 quarts of tomatoes. I think I will be canning a record number of tomatoes this year. I am going to have to keep count. Let see what else have we been up to???? I've been trying to catch up on going through pictures and ordering them. I decided to start ordering print from Walgreen's because they have lots of great sales, which helps cut the cost. I was able to make up a digital scrapbook page and collage for free and just this week they have buy 25 and get 25 free. Also today Brandon had his first day of clinical. He is so happy for school to be starting. This is is last year of school and I know it's going to go by quickly. Oh and lastly I went in and chopped my hair off. I really needed a change and the hubby said I would love to see your hair shorter, so I did it and absolutely love it. I was tired of wearing my hair in a pony tail, which I did most days. Well I need to get off to bed, so that I can be well rested to keep up with my kids tomorrow.

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