Monday, May 03, 2010

Always something new.......
Life has been pretty crazy this past week and weekend. Noah's has been enjoying the open space in the living room for the last couple of days by riding his tractor. We had to clear out the couch's, rugs and blankets. Brandon had a patient a couple of weeks ago, which they found out had scabies. It's kind of like lice, but they are mites, which can get all over your body. We soon found out last Thursday evening that the kids had it and Brandon had a few spots as well.

The last several days have kept me busy with more laundry then I wish to do. We all have been treated, but we have to have another treatment in a week. I hope this is gone by the end of this week. I am ready to get my house back together. I guess on the plus side I have gotten some spring cleaning done, unfortunately with kids things don't stay clean for very long.

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Kari said... I'm all itchy. I hope that you all are doing well now. :)