Thursday, January 13, 2011

Starting last week we all got colds and then by Friday night Anna and Mommy were up many times in the night puking. It was a long weekend of sickness and tiredness. Gabe got sick on Sunday as well and daddy got the stomach bug by Monday. This week has been spent recovering and catching up on sleep if that is possible.

Yesterday was the first day out with the kids and they wanted to go play at MC Donald's. I really like taking the kids there because they stay busy playing without fighting. I can then do a little reading and knitting while they play.

Then today I took the kids ice skating at the skating rink, which is just down the street from our house. The kids love it and Anna is doing great. Gabe is also getting the hang of it and asked me this evening about getting hockey sticks for him and Anna. I think it sounds like fun. I use to skate a lot as a kid and have always loved it. There are even some indoor skating rinks that I would like to check out. It may even be a fun way for me to get some good exercise in each week.

Also this morning Noah was sitting at the kitchen table eating his oatmeal and he told me, " I'm eating my bugs" with a big smile on his face. This just made me laugh because that is what his grandpa told him when he was at their house. The bugs are the flax seed that we put in the oatmeal. Also at Christmas I got a rice cooker and have been making oatmeal in it for breakfast and I love it.

Well that's what's been happening around the Kostman household. I hope to post some ice skating pictures sometime soon.

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