Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day........
The last few days the kids have been digging holes in the garden area looking for worms. Well today they decided to add a little water to the fun and ended up with a mud hole. Daddy ended up getting the water hose out to clean them up a bit, but it was not a big hit. The water was freezing, so we stripped them of there clothes and marched them up to the shower. How can a mother be made with a smile like that. It took all that I had to not laugh at what they had done.

Gabe is pointing at his brother and laughing. Noah was actually small enough to climb in the hole they had dug. Anna just stood by watching and I'm sure helping a bit. Later on Gabe tried to tell me that it was all Anna's idea. How do you ever get the truth from kids?

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Linda said...

Renee, I love your blog and so enjoy seeing the photos of your kids. Treasure these years with the children as the time will fly. Brandon's Aunt Linda