Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Coming Back......
I am back from my long break if you want to call it a break. So much has happened over the last month with moving from Wisconsin to Nebraska. I have done so much packing and unpacking that I don't care to do it again for a while. Our duplex in Wisconsin is up for sale now and we are renting a nice ranch house from our brother in law.

We are getting use to Lincoln and have done a lot of exploring in the last few weeks. We still have a lot to find like a Awana program and a homeschool group. We are pretty settled in now that I now have time to look for those things. We have also been getting back in the school mode and the kids have been doing great. It's amazing how something is hard for them one month and a month later they are able to do it just fine. Breaks are good for all.

The hardest part about moving is leaving friends and I really miss all my wonderful friends back in Wisconsin. I had many dear friends and they had kids that my kids also loved. We have so many great memories.

Well that's all for now. I'll try and get some pictures of our house and post them here soon.

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