Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This past week my husband started his new job at Great Plains Regional Medical Center in North Platte, Nebraska. We are so excited about his new job because we have been waiting for almost two years. So much has been changing with a new job, new place to live, and new friends. Life still is not settle and it will be a few more months till we find a permanent place to live.

For now the kids and I are in Lincoln Nebraska, while my hubby lives at his parents house. The kids and I have also been spending a lot of time at grandpa and grandma's house too. When I get back to Lincoln I have work to do.

I have been doing some major cleaning to get ready for a garage sale. We live on a very busy street, so there should be plenty of people. I am also sure that the kids will want to try selling some lemonade and maybe we can bake up some cookies to sell too. Plenty of things to do to keep us busy these days.

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