Friday, November 30, 2007

Back from Nebraska...
The time has flown by so quickly the last few weeks. We have been back from Nebraska for almost a week now. We had a wonderful time visiting family. The kids did a pretty good job riding in the car. Anna was more content traveling then Gabe, but the little guy still did pretty good for not napping very long while on the road. Thank the Lord for pretzels & animal crackers, which helped calm the fusses.

The trunk of the car and the front was pretty full going out, but coming home we were over flowing. We had to fit Christmas present in the trunk along with all of our stuff. We managed to fit it all in without having to have Brandon's mom mail us anything, except for Brandon's presents. It sure will be nice when we are able to get a mini van. The next trip will be a little more crazy with three car seats in the back seat of our Buick.

This past week I have been busy unpacking, cleaning, and decorating the house for Christmas. I have only a couple more things to put up and then I am all done. Then it's on to Christmas cookie baking and planning the menu for when my family comes. I am looking forward to having everyone over to my house for Christmas. It will be nice not to travel especially since I will be 36 weeks along at the time.

I went in yesterday for a OB appointment and everything is fine. I have gained 24 lbs so far, which is pretty good. I am still hoping that maybe they are off a month and the baby will come at the end of December, but I'm sure it's just wishful thinking. I am also done working at Victor Allen's now, which is wonderful and will make things easier on my legs and back.

Well that is enough for now. I will post some new pictures in the next couple of days.

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