Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Thanksgiving Plans.....
It was just a week ago that Brandon realized how much time he could get off around Thanksgiving
(six days), so we have decided to drive to Nebraska to see his family. We're really looking forward to the visit. I know Grandpa & Grandma Kostman are excited to see the kids. It was such a pleasant surprise because we didn't think we'd have another opportunity to see his family until Summer 2008.

The days are counting down fast and we will be at Brandon's sister's house in Omaha two weeks from today. It's such a blessing that Jen lives in Omaha. It's about a 7 1/2 hour drive from DeForest to Omaha and then from Omaha to his parents house outside of Hershey it's another 4 hours. So, Omaha makes a nice stopping point on the trip. We're planning on leaving after Brandon gets done with class on the Monday of Thanksgiving week. We'll get there about midnight. We actually like making the trip in the late afternoon & evening because the kids will sleep most of the way. Oh, the sweet peace and quiet! Brandon doesn't have class on Tuesdays and most students skip Wednesday of Thanksgiving week anyway, so we've got off from late Monday afternoon through the following Sunday night.

It will be such a nice week, but I will have to remind Brandon to work on homework, since he will have plenty he will need to get done. The semester is coming to a close so quickly. See you all soon and for those we will not see I hope you have exciting Thanksgiving plans to look forward to...

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