Monday, April 20, 2009

Menu Plan Monday or Not.....
I think I am going to wing it this week. I really can't believe how fast Mondays come. This evening we had barbecues, hash browns, baked beans and corn. It has been a long time since we have had barbecues and they were so good. Some of my favorite foods include barbecue chicken, meatballs & meatloaf. I also love to read cooking magazines and find new recipes to try out or old one's that I have forgot about. If I make something that we really like I will make sure to post it.

We had a great weekend. Brandon and I spent most of the day on Saturday shampooing the carpets down stairs and up stairs. I also shampooed the couches in the living room. It sure feels good to walk on clean carpet and to sit on a clean couch. I also did a good pick up of the lawn with the lawn mower. I got it done just before it decided to rain for a few days. Projects for next weekend include getting some shredded mulch for our front mound. I will take before and after pictures. I am also hoping to get the garden tilled in a couple of weeks. I just love spring!

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