Friday, November 20, 2009

Orchard Craft Sale....

Here is where we headed off to this morning for a little while. We bought some cider donuts, a pumpkin muffin and some homemade soap, which I am really looking forward to using. It was a great day with Anna and Noah. Gabriel got to hang out with daddy for the morning. He had a great time especially since he loves to ride in daddy's truck.

It was also nice and mild outside today and the kids enjoyed playing in the backyard for a bit. It's amazing that there is less then a week till Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to it and then decorating for Christmas. I know the kids are excited about it to. I have also been going through the Christmas list and checking it twice. With having 3 little ones I have to make sure to give myself enough time so I can get all the things done that I want to. I'll be back with some pictures soon of a few projects, but until then have a great weekend!

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