Wednesday, July 28, 2010

House Hunting.......

While we were out in Sioux Falls, South Dakota we looked at around 20 houses. We came away from our search with a few favorites.

One of the houses that is at the top of our list is this ranch house. We really like it because it has a really big kitchen & living room. The bedrooms are also good size, which was good. The other bonus of the place is there is another 1,000 sqft that could be finished on top of the 1,956 sqft already finished. The only downfall with this place is it does not have a great backyard.

The second house that we like this multi level house. The stone work & wood floors are awesome. The kitchen & dining room are good size. The other part I love about this house is it has a wonderful backyard.

Here's a few other homes we, here & I have also found a few more, but we would have to look at them. I guess now we just have to get our house listed by the beginning of next week and go from there.

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Anonymous said...

Brandon & Renee: We vote for house #2! Love, Mom & Dad