Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Already......

Wow I can't believe how the week has gone by. We have been working on school stuff all week and the kids have been doing very well. I am still adjusting a bit and trying to see what works and what doesn't. I'm not really happy with the Sonlight K science curriculum that I have because I think it goes through things to fast with not enough activies to go along. I am planning on slowing down and finding extra activities and books to go a long with the lessons. The library is a great resource, which I am planning on using a lot.

Today I had a bunch of tomatoes that have been needing to be canned and so I got started on thoses and got 7 quart of jars to go along with my 8 quart jars that I caned a couple of weeks ago. I also decided to make a batch of applesauce with some apples that I bought. I ended up with 5 pints and am hoping to make more in the next few weeks.
Also as I sit to write this Anna is in the kitchen peeling carrots that we will cook, puree and freeze in the size of ice cubes to use in smoothes or whatever else mom can find to use them in. I use them mainly in smoothies and also put spiniach leaves in for extra vitamines. Since I have been making them that way I have Anna begging me for lettice smoothes. It's makes me laugh! Mommy also has been enjoying her vegitables this way.

Lets see later in the day we have some more school stuff we need to do and then mow the lawn later this evening. It's been a full week of activities, but over all a nice week. Hope you all had a great week.

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