Friday, January 27, 2012

Well all week my husband and I have been going through containers of stuff. It's amazing the stuff people keep around and even more amazing the stuff one gets rid of when they are moving a couple of states away. We will be heading to Lincoln Nebraska in about 3 weeks to live in a house that Brandon's sister and husband own. It's a major move and it's been 8 years since our last move. How time flies by and life changes.

We will then be putting our duplex up for sale in hopes that it sells quickly. We are sad to leave this area since we have gotten so comfortable here. We are also going to miss all the wonderful friends that we have made in the past years. I have so many great memories.

We are looking forward to a new adventure of exploring a new city and seeing what the Lord has for our future. Please pray for us as we pack, say goodbyes and head to a new home.

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Kari said...

Good luck!! I'll be praying for you guys. Are you stopping here before the big move?

Miss you!