Friday, January 20, 2012

Time of Waiting......
I have not been posting as much as I should. I've been staying busy with the everyday things that a mother has to do. The kids have been keeping themselves busy with playing and getting school work done each day. Anna and Gabe are both doing a wonderful job at learning to read and it's amazing to see their progress since the beginning of the school year. Noah also is growing so fast and will be turning 4 next week.

We have also been waiting to see what happens with a job possibility here in Madison. It's been tough just waiting and not knowing what the future holds. We have decided that if the job does not work out that we would move to the Omaha Nebraska area in hopes of finding a better job.

Other things I have been up to is knitting lots of Jayne Cobb hats. I sold 80 hats last year and 4 more hats so far this year. It's been fun and I have gotten wonderful feedback and the extra money has been great. I just had someone write me a message the other day and here is what they said,

"it looks awesome! I am the CO of "The 'Verse" a firefly/serenity costume club. right now I am searching for the most accurate Jayne hat to recommend to other members. So far I like yours the best. I find a lot of hats have "Red" for the ears.. I dont think that's right. Yours has that dark orange, I think that is correct. I am just starting my search so I still looking for input from other members."

I am really hoping that this sends me a bunch more business. I have to really thank my husband who asked me a year ago to make him A Jayne hat.

Well that is a little of what has been happening in our house hold. Please be praying for direction for us and peace of mind.

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