Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Potty Training......
Gabe has been doing an awesome job at using the potty. Just a few days before his 2nd birthday, which was May 16th I starting putting him on the potty. I could alway tell when he was going to do #2 because he would either head for a corner or for the dining room table. When I would see him do that I would grab him, march him to the potty and set him on the potty to do his duty. He did not go to the potty willingly, but I would set him on there anyway. Anna and I then would give him a big round of applause when he was done, which he loved. Soon after that he would let me know when he needed to go #2.

I then started to let him run around bare butted, so when he had to go pee he would know he had to go into the bathroom and use the potty. It really only took a couple of days with a few accidents for him to know that when he had to go he needed to go to the potty and go. Potty training takes time and little steps at a time, but the end result is wonderful....less diapers and soon no diapers.

I have been trying to put underwear on him and he does pretty good, but tends to have more accidents, but I will just keep working with him. I will have to say I have been blessed with children that catch on quickly. Also a really cute video, which Gabe has been watching for months is "Elmo's Potty Time", which is super cute and talks about using the potty.

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randi said...

My days of potty training my kids are long gone (we are teaching one of them to drive these days!) and I remember having to employ tons of patience. But when it is done, it is so wonderful to pass the diaper isle at the grocery store each week!