Friday, May 15, 2009

Busy Weekend Ahead......

I will be staying busy today and the days to follow. Brandon is having a couple classmates over tonight and we will be having Haystacks for dinner & homemade cheesecake for desert. Then tomorrow is Gabriel's 3rd birthday. I already have the frosting made so this afternoon when I make the cheesecake I am going to make the cake too, so it can cool. This evening after company leaves and the kids go to bed I plan on decorating it. I am keeping it simple, but I think Gabriel will like it. We are also having some friends over for the party Saturday night. We will be having Chicken Enchiladas, which are simple and yummy. The biggest job will be to get my house clean, which is difficult with 3 little kids and 2 dogs, but I'm not going to stress to much about it. I am just looking forward to having company and will enjoy showing hospitality.

Garage Sale Finds:

This weekend is also city wide garage sales in Deforest. I took the kids out yesterday. We had a great day! I found a desk and chair for Anna for working on school, which was $4 total. Then the big item I found was a Pro Form treadmill. It is a older model, but in good condition. This brand retails for around $800 dollars or more and I payed $50. What a deal and last night after I put the kids to bed I worked out for a good 30 minutes and enjoyed it. Last year at this time we go ourselves a nice like new up right freezer and entertainment center for the living room. I love garage sales and how much money I can save.


Chris said...

So . . . what time is dinner? :-)

Chris said...

And . . . how much is your gym membership?? Heehee.