Friday, May 01, 2009

Happy May Day.....

Yesterday was the first day that Noah decided that he could climb down the stairs. So now early this morning he was already over to the stairs and climbing down. It's so nice because now when he gets to the top he does not have to scream and cry that he wants down.

Today is the first day of May. I am planning on making May Day baskets with the kids. I found this site A Bit O' Shine with a nice and easy idea that the kids will like to make. I am planning on using construction paper with yarn as the handle. I will probably find some nice flower stickers and cut out some flower construction paper flowers. Or maybe even better yet find one of my gardening magazines and cut out some flower pictures and don't forget the spring stamps.

I am also hoping to get out with the kids and go to a few garage sales. The kids always enjoy it and it's nice to get out and find some great deals. Hope it does not rain????

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Rita T. said...

Happy May Day to you!