Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Garden Progress.....
We had a pretty busy weekend, but I did manage to take a few pictures of the garden. It is doing very well. We had had a lot of rain and now the weather is pretty hot and humid, which makes the garden grow like crazy. This weather also helps the weeds to grow, but I have been doing pretty well at keeping a head of them. I am so picked a couple bowls of strawberries from my patch, which has been great. Gabriel loves fresh strawberries, but the other two kids don't.

Zucchini plants - I think I will be getting some pretty soon.
The tomato plants are doing great. I moved my plants this year to part of the garden that gets the longest sun light and it has helped because my plants are really big and better then they have ever been.
The string beans are doing very well. Thanks mom for the seeds. I also have been picking spinach for salads. The only plants that are still pretty small are my pepper plants. I'm not really sure why. The cucumbers & squash plants are growing well.
I also just picked some broccoli last night. We will be enjoying that for supper one of these nights.

So how is are garden growing?

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