Friday, July 31, 2009

Taking a Minute.....

It has been a busy week. Anna has been sick with Hand, Foot & Mouth disease. Unfortunately her mouth is just covered in sores, which has made eating a challenge for her. She has also been running a low grade fever, which has also been making her tired. Poor Girl! Luckily the boys have not gotten it, which I hope they don't.

Then on Wednesday Morning my hubby hurt his lower back so he has been off of work all week. It is slowly getting better, but he still has a hard time getting around. It has been a week of doctor's appointments for him between his back and getting ready to go back for his last year of Nursing school.

For me I have been staying busy with stripping, priming, and painting some furniture that needed a little help in between taking care of the family. I will post some pictures of the projects as I get them done. Now that I'm on a roll I'm not sure anyone can stop me.

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