Saturday, January 16, 2010

All about John Deere.......
My mother-in-law was so kind to make these wonderful curtains for the Gabe & Noah's room. They look awesome and the boys love them.

On the window sill is a train, roller & truck that Grandpa Ray helped Gabe spray paint. Also the tractor on the self was also painted by them. I got the tractor & roller at a craft fair this past fall and the train & truck I order from Let's Explore which I guess is closing her store, but she has a wonderful blog to read.

Gabe also picked up this calender at Walmart, which mom & dad will be using. Grandma Kara was nice to give use an old John Deere calender, which I was able to frame one of the pictures so far for the boy's room. I also just thought of another great idea for there room. I will show you pictures when it's done and up on the wall. The other great idea about this craft is the kids can help:)

John Deere calender picture was taken by Gabriel...

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Quilts by barb said...

This room is wonderful. I am sure your boys do love it.