Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fire Trucks.....
We went to the library today and Gabriel spotted one of those busy bags that has books and a toy that goes with them. It was a fire truck theme and so the boy's will have a firetruck to play with for a couple of weeks. Then Gabe has a few You Tube videos he likes to watch, which I thought I would share if anyone is interested.

Fire Truck by Ivan Ulz

Caillou and the Fire Truck

How'd They Build That Fire Truck

How to make a Fire Truck Cake

I am thinking that with Gabe's Birthday coming up in May that I am going to go with a Fire Truck theme. I would love to make the fire truck cake.

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Tracey Monroe said...

We love this post (Julian and I). He's really been into fire trucks lately, ever since we found a book from the library "Dot the Fire Dog". He just loves watching them on You Tube so these were great! Thanks for the links :)