Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's Almost Jesus' Birthday

It's almost Jesus' birthday...
So let us not forget.
To give to Him the present,
That He would like the best.
He doesn't want a stocking...
Hung upon the tree.
Or lots of toys or presents,
Like selfish you and me.

He only wants our love for Him,
To shine out to the earth.
He wants us to tell others,
About His miracle birth.
He wants us to bring all we know,
To church to worship Him.
He wants us to remember...
He died for all our sins.

Please focus on His birthday...
The sacrifice God made.
To send His Son to live and die,
So we could all be saved.
This tiny baby Jesus...
Born in a lowly stall.
He came to bring salvation...
To save us one and all.

This Christmas has more meaning...
I'm calm and have such peace.
So let us bow before Him,
And worship at His feet.
The church bells now are ringing,
For you and I to bring...
Our gifts of praise and worship...
To our Savior and our King.

Written By Valerie Rousseau
Copyright © 2000

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