Saturday, December 15, 2007

Snow Fun.....
Well we finally got the kids all bundled up and let them head out to play in the snow.

Daddy joined them to help them make there way through the snow. They probably were only out for about 20 minutes before they were ready to come in, but that was 20 minutes of great fun.

You can see in the pictures that there was some light snow falling, but didn't accumulate to much, which is nice. We have gotten so much in the last week.

The kids when down the slide that had lots of snow on it and ended up in a big snow pile.

It was a nice Saturday of just enjoying time at home. I made some yummy Chicken Cheddar Soup for supper and am planning on sitting down here a little later to enjoy a yummy Chai Tea. Along with the tea I am going to look through my new cooking magazine. Hope you all had a nice Saturday.


Kari said...

Looks like the kids had fun! I feel cold looking at Brandon without a coat or gloves on - brrrr.

Brandon said...

I told him to put on hat and gloves and it would help him stay warm, but him being a man said I'm O.K. They were only out for about 15 mins or so. I am just thankful that he was willing to go out with the kids. I don't think that I could with being as pregnant as I am.